Mother’s perfume

There is no aroma in the house or none I’ve ever noticed at least, at least when she is not around. I love her scent, her fragrance. it’s indescribable. all I know that it’s better than the salty ocean breeze’s and fresher than summer’s red-ripe strawberries.


Trust God you`ll be fine you’ve been through worse than this mastered harder challenges overcome greater obstacles beaten bigger enemies and never once have you truly given up Never once did you truly fail to find you way and do you know why? Cause that little fire burning in your chest refuses to go out… Continue reading Friend

Glorious Anarchy

there is comfort in words that loosely hang together without the dubious benefit of commas and full stops gloriously they mingle unrestrained by rules of grammar proclaiming their authenticity denied by scholarships   dialects and accents mix happily together in market towns football grounds and bustling train stations where milling crowds meet to greet their… Continue reading Glorious Anarchy