Hi i’m Anita,

I’ve always been volunteering first, helping out people with some errors with their computers, long before i stumbled into development.

It all started with my friend who really inspired me a lot, he used to code and loved his work piece, until i had to pick up my computer, do research, start coding some scripts and discovered another medium to express myself.

Most of my friends are mentors who have really showed me the true life of development in the world from day to day life. Capturing emotions is one of the most important parts of my work. I feel strongly about making my frameworks of the projects that i can connect with. Even though it’s the emotions of my subjects that am documenting, i find a reflection of myself in them.

There’s no surprise that programming is part of my living, but also traveling is also the blood in my veins.  I’m endlessly inspired by the nature and adventures, i love traveling to different places, making friends with people and animals more exploring the world. Cooking is also part of my life, everyday i discover new recipes which are inspired by many friends of mine who taste them. Follow me and we share together more of this beautiful life we are in.

Checkout my portfolio here